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Incredible Helmet Cam Footage Shows A Russian Pilot Ejecting From An SU-25 Seconds Before It Crashes To The Ground

Ukrainian forces recently shot down a Russian SU-25 Frogfoot near Belgorod on the Ukraine-Russia border. As a result of this, the pilot took immediate action and ejected from the jet, all the while recording on his helmet cam. As the aircraft gets hit, the pilot ejects from the rapidly disintegrating aircraft using a Zvezda K-36 ejection seat. The vertical stabilizer is almost completely destroyed. However, the horizontal stabilizer has some parts left before it also catches fire. Watch the video below to get a quick glimpse of the incident:

As you can see in the video, flames are continuously emerging from the engine of the aircraft. Meanwhile, the canopy is falling away as well. It should be noted that the aircraft hit the ground before the pilot landed, along with his under-parachute. Clouds of smoke emerged quickly as soon as the aircraft crashed on the ground. But the interesting point here is how the pilot managed to record his own ejection because, normally, ejection itself is considered a very challenging activity in which the pilot has to come under the influence of a lot of external forces. And shooting a video during this action is certainly an unusual sight.

However, different analysts have put down their thoughts on the incident, which can be demonstrated in their tweets. They have been deploying their SU-25s mostly to cope with the war’s unexpected attacks. Hence, the Russia-Ukraine war is not going anywhere anytime soon, and it’s the only war that has been reported through different social media platforms. There are a lot of occurrences of this type that have been causing havoc each day regarding the Russia-Ukraine conflict. It should be noted that the Russian Fighter-Bomber Telegram channel was the one to release this thrilling yet concerning video.

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