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Impact vs. Regular Socket: What’s the difference?

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To any professional or DIYer, the name impact socket is going to sound very well-known. But when you are a beginner, it may sound quite unfamiliar to you. So, you might be wondering about what exactly is an impact socket and a regular socket?

Both sockets may look quite similar to each other, but when it comes to their features, you will find a different picture. An impact is much more durable, and well-built compare to regular sockets. So, you won’t be able to switch when working with them.

In this article, we are providing you with each and every detail about them so that you will be able to know when to use what. So, impact vs regular socket: what’s the difference? Let’s find out!

Types of Sockets:

Let’s dive into the deep for a moment. In most mechanical tasks, the socket is an everyday choice. This tool will assist you to loosen or tighten nuts and bolts in general. So, without any doubt, we can agree that a socket is a vital tool to have.

You will find various types of a socket in the market. And most of them are quite similar to each other but not an impact socket. We will go into the details below. Also, there are differences in the size of sockets. A regular socket comes with a wrench that assists the socket in moving and carrying on the task it is ought to.

Sockets are measured in two units. One is metric, and another imperial. So, before purchasing one, be sure about whether you need a metric or imperial socket.

Why Do You Need Sockets?

In today’s world, sockets are being used in different manners. And what’s inspiring it in the background is fasteners. As we get to use fasteners in electrical and machine tools, therefore, in order to maintain them we need sockets.

In the past, people used to use spanners to support fasteners. But there was a big turn off about them; they didn’t have enough variation in sizes, and it takes much more space than a socket. So, by the sands of time, they had been replaced by sockets.

The Difference:

First and foremost, we need to know the difference in the features of these sockets. In this section, we are explaining to you the major differences between an impact socket and a regular one. Click here to find out more on impact sockets. 

Final Words:

Before we sign off, we would like to let you know that we should “always prefer quality over price”. If you are dealing with a heavy task, it would be wise to go for impact sockets. But dealing with a lighter task such as maintaining your bicycle won’t require more than a regular one.

We hope we have explained clearly the age-old debate on impact vs regular socket: what’s the difference. Bookmark this page for future reference when you need it!