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Humans Could Become ‘Part AI’ To Keep Up With Superintelligent Machines, OpenAI’s Chief Scientist Says

Humans Could Become 'Part AI' To Keep Up With Superintelligent Machines, OpenAI's Chief Scientist Says

OpenAI’s chief scientist, Ilya Sutskever, has raised the intriguing possibility that, in the face of the impending rise of superintelligent artificial intelligence, people may choose to merge with AI to remain competitive. While working on OpenAI’s “superalignment” project to ensure AI safety, Sutskever contemplates the notion of humans becoming “part AI” to adapt to an evolving landscape dominated by advanced machines.

Sutskever acknowledges the pressing question of the human role in a world governed by increasingly smarter AIs, stating, “Once you overcome the challenge of rogue AI, then what? Is there even room for human beings in a world with smarter AIs?” This existential concern fuels his belief that human augmentation through merging with AI may become a viable solution.

Sutskever envisions a future where individuals willingly integrate AI into their biological systems, stating, “One possibility – something that may be crazy by today’s standards but will not be so crazy by future standards – is that many people will choose to become part AI.” He suggests that this transition might start with only the most daring and adventurous individuals, with others possibly following suit or remaining skeptical about this revolutionary path.

However, even as a proponent of this idea, Sutskever remains cautious about his stance on merging with AI, sharing his uncertainty by saying, “I don’t know. But it’s something I think about. The true answer is: Maybe.”

It’s worth noting that Ilya Sutskever isn’t the only tech luminary exploring the concept of humans merging with AI. Elon Musk, through his venture Neuralink, aspires to achieve a “symbiosis with artificial intelligence,” allowing humans to connect with AI to keep pace with superintelligent machines. Still, the practicality and ethical implications of such a merger remain uncertain.

As AI advances, the notion of humans merging with AI as a means of adaptation and evolution raises fascinating questions about the future of human-AI interaction.

While the concept remains speculative and faces numerous challenges, it is a topic that experts and innovators like Sutskever and Musk are actively exploring, pushing the boundaries of what might be achievable in the coming years.

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