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A Huge Meteor Just Exploded Over China With An Energy Equivalent To 540 Tonnes Of TNT

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So many people wish upon a shooting star without ever thinking what a shooting star actually is. The streak of light that shines through the sky is not actually a broken star but a meteor that enters the earth’s atmosphere and lights up mostly due to friction. You can continue to wish upon a star, but people of China got to wish upon the moon on the evening of 4th October 2017.

The sky above the Shangri-La County in Yunnan Province of China lit up with the light of a full moon at around 8 pm local time, and so many of the spectators captured the event on video. According to NASA’s Center For Near-Earth Object Studies, the ‘bolide’ meteor lit up with an impact energy of 540 tonnes of TNT explosives.

A natural show of fireworks with zero cost, can it get any more amazing than that? The remains of this light show are believed to have ended up 40 kilometers away from Shangri-La, but there is no evidence yet.

Here is a video of the spectacular light show:

Here is another from a little different perspective:


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