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We Bet You Didn’t Know That HP Sold Premium Laptops For £1.58 On Its Website

HP has apologized to its customers for a glitch on its website that reduced the price of an expensive laptop from over £2,000 to less than £2.

HP Zbook 17, a premium laptop by HP, was listed previously at a price of £2,378 that was cut and was being “offered” at a discounted price of £1.58. A handful of people took advantage of this error, snapped up the deal, and posted on social media about it. But the company realized the error and quickly took its UK website offline for correction saying that all the orders on incorrect price will not be dispatched.

HP’s expensive laptops were on sale at a low price (Credits: HP)

“We apologize sincerely to impacted customers for any inconvenience caused,” HP said in a statement.

Well, there goes the lucky deal! Citizens Advice, a consumer rights group, remarked that the companies can sometimes cancel orders if they have made “genuine and honest mistake on their part that you have noticed.”

“We can confirm that due to a processing error, select products were wrongly priced on our UK website over the weekend. This has now been corrected with related orders cancelled.”

Credits: Getty Images

HP apologized to the customers and announced that all the buyers would be refunded.

It is not the first time that a company has made an online pricing error. Screwfix.com, an online hardware and tools retailer, had an error on their website that priced everything at just £34.99. Asda accidentally offered its customers a 50%-off-on-everything voucher.

Screwfix.com has also suffered from an online pricing error, selling ride-on mowers for less than £40 (Credits: Getty Images)

I guess some good deals are too good to be true! *Sighs!