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How To Roll Back From Android N Developer Preview

Recently, Google decided to surprise all by releasing the Android N Developer Preview for compatible Nexus devices. The final release of OS is slated for the third quarter of 2016, however, this preview is already available for all compatible Nexus devices. As with previous developer versions, the Android N OS also comes with its fair share of bugs. However, this time Google has greatly simplified the installation and the roll back procedure.

In order to install the Android N Developer Preview, you’ll have to go to Android beta program page and enroll the device (compatible Nexus smartphone). Once you have done that, you will receive an over-the-air in the next 24 hours on your device. Once the OTA has been downloaded and installed, the Nexus device will feature the Android N Developer Preview.

Once you have tried out the Android N Developer Preview and you want to roll back to the previous stable version of Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, the procedure is quite simple. There are two approaches to this, either you can follow the conventional practice of downloading the factory image and flashing it using the software or you can opt for the new and simplified method that is mentioned below.

Step 1

Go to Android beta program page on your smartphone or PC.

Step 2

The page will display a list of compatible devices along with a button to ‘un-enroll device’.

Step 3

Once you click on the ‘un-enroll device’, you’ll be shown a warning along with two options; either to cancel the request or to leave beta.

Step 4

Once you click on ‘leave beta’ an OTA update will be sent over to your Nexus device. After download and installation is complete, your Nexus device will run on the last stable version, that is to say, it will operate on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow.