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Here Is How You Can Make A Vacuum Cleaner From A Plastic Bottle

Vacuum cleaner from bottle

Despite what the price tag illustrates, the technology used in a vacuum cleaner is rather simple. Connect a high-pressure fan to a tube, and create a low-pressure on the other side while forcing the dust and small debris from the outside into the low-pressure tube. Easy peasy!

And while buying a properly manufactured vacuum cleaner is your best bet, this YouTuber has also given an alternate on how you can build your own vacuum cleaner merely using a plastic bottle and a few other simple parts!

[Image source: krazykred via Instructables]
There is another similar step by step plan on Instructables that has a slightly different design but does the same job! Using a combination of household objects such as a plastic bottle, vaccumVaseline container, scissors, empty deodorant bottles, ball point pen refill and some more pro tools such as power drill, hammer, hacksaw, PVC pipe and a 12V DC motor, you can create your own vacuum DIY cleaner fit for any use!

In fact, the whole process seems incredibly easy if you closely follow the instructions. Probably the most difficult aspect is carving the fan out of a round metallic sheet, which involves cutting it in eight parts and twisting the wings to make the fan blades. But apart from that, the project can even be used for an elementary school science fair!

Watch the video below to witness the magic!