How To Legally Use Images On Your Blog


It’s a rare blogger who doesn’t want to make their blogs more popular and visually appealing. If you’ve already embarked on the blogging journey, chances are you’ve familiarized yourself with countless ‘useful tips’ a beginner blogger should follow to become successful. And using photos is among the first things you would be well advised to do as a blogger. 

Truth be told, readers are quite lazy nowadays. With the unlimited access to information, your audience merely won’t tolerate those boring and dull walls of text on your page. They will go on looking for what they need elsewhere. So, you need to make sure to spruce up your mega informative and engaging content with some cool photos and images. 

One of the biggest mistakes both the beginner and seasoned bloggers make it incorporating randomly selected images into their posts. Let’s be honest, you also don’t tend to ponder the consequences of your actions every time you download an effective picture from the Internet. As a blogger you should always be conscious of copyright infringement and do your level best to use only those images you have the rights to. Or you may take advantage of royalty free pictures and stock vectors that are plentiful on the web. 

Read today’s article to learn more about how to use photos on your blog without breaking copyright laws. 

Steer Clear of Using Dubious Images 

As you already know, you cannot just use the first thing you find online in your new post. Even though lots of photographers and image owners don’t keep track of all the images they post online, you cannot afford to get in trouble because of using copyrighted works. Don’t follow the example of hundreds of your friends that copy and distribute images they find on the Internet. This isn’t something a blogger should be doing. 

If you come across some fun photos and are not sure you can use them legally, you would be well advised to steer clear of them. Grabbing that picture of sweet puppies for your post devoted to St. Valentine’s Day may seem totally harmless, but the odds are high that they will catch up with you after a while. Undoubtedly, you don’t want to put your reputation and overall success of your blog at stake. So, you will be better off getting it right the first time. 

Learn the Basics of Copyright Law

Of course, creative people are not into those boring legal terms, but if you want to get it right, you should familiarize yourself with the basics of copyright law. 

In the majority of cases, it’s not just enough to link back to the image you want to use in your post or give credit to the original author. You’re financially liable for using someone else’s pictures, unless the owner grants you the right to legally use it on your blog. 

It’s a great idea to use public domain pictures, whose copyright either expires or never existed. Consequently, such images have no restriction. You can use them free of charge for personal, creative, or commercial purposes. But you still would be advised to provide attribution. You know, just in case.

Furthermore, you can use royalty free images. But contrary to what their name suggests, you shouldn’t treat royalty free images as totally free. Though you are allowed to post such images on your website without paying any, you cannot edit and use them for commercial purposes. 

Finally, you can tap into the generosity of Creative Commons. This non-profit grant you access to countless photos you can use in your posts completely legally. But take care to familiarizing yourself with the attribution types prior to selecting your images. If you come across a CC0 photo, it means the owner has relinquished the rights to this work and you’re not obliged to provide any attribution. Should you be willing to use a CC BY 2.0 picture, make sure to provide credit to the original author. 

Create Your Own Images 

Currently, the Internet is teeming with versatile photo editing tools that can help you create a truly unique and eye-catching picture within the shortest possible time. If you’re into photography or graphic design, use your talent to its fullest! You can turn an apt quote into a conspicuous GIF or use your own images as background for your posts. What’s more, you can modify and edit your pictures as you see fit without needing to ask for permission. 


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