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Hollywood Celebrities Are Staying In These Oxygen Filled Bubbles For Hours. Here’s Why

Oxygen Bubble Is The Latest Craze In Hollywood 2

The latest trend in Hollywood is the oxygen bubble. It is a strange looking bubble that has been filled with 99.995 percent oxygen and allows the users to undergo a wrinkle-busting treatment. Nurse Jamie Sherrill who is known as Hollywood beauty guru pioneered it. The oxygen bubble is said to help with the formation of collagen and elastin in the skin and also helps in elimination of toxins from the body.

Sherrill said, “Being in the oxygen bubble is the perfect anti-ageing treatment. Oxygen is pumped in from a tank and it’s a very soothing, womblike experience. With other beauty treatments you just target one part of the body, but in the bubble the benefits are all over. Clients tend to go in there in just a towel so the oxygen can seep into every pore.”

Pure Air Bubble – Oxygen Bubble.
Itís a weird device which pumps in 99.9 per cent pure O2, combats free radicals, helps form collagen.
Hollywood Oxygen facials

The beauty experts carry out special treatments that start off at a price of £110 inside this oxygen bubble that measures 10 by 10 ft. Skin stamping – the process in which a particular tool is used for pushing a nutrient-packed serum deep into the pores thus improving skin texture and smoothing out any imperfections – is also performed.

Sherrill also said, “Clients notice a dramatic improvement in wrinkles and fine lines after just one treatment. It bathes the cells in the body with oxygen that reduces inflammation and promotes healing. Once you are in the bubble you get a little light-headed. It’s very Zen and calming.” Check out this video for more details.