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Here’s What To Expect From Apple’s 2019 iPhones Based On Rumors

What To Expect From Apple's 2019 iPhones Based On Rumors

Apple has a routine that it follows quite strictly; it launches new iPhones every September, and it appears that 2019 won’t be any different as well. Apple is expected to launch three new iPhones in 2019. The biggest expected change will be the triple-lens camera system. Apple’s launch of the iPhone always draws massive attention from people of all walks of life. Same would be the case this year as the company tries to deal with the falling sales of its famous iPhone.

Based on the reports and rumors that have been making rounds on the Internet, the following are the features that we expect to find on iPhones this year.

Three New iPhone Models

The pattern of three models started in 2017 with iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone Max. It was followed up in 2018 with iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max. The same pattern will be followed this year as well according to the reports.

OLED Displays & Same Screen Sizes

According to rumors, the 2019 iPhones will have the same sizes as that of the current iPhones. It is also being rumored that Apple will utilize OLED screens for all three of its 2019 iPhone variants. OLED screens provide deeper blacks and bolder colors.

Triple-Lens Camera System

Apple’s upcoming iPhone might feature three camera lenses on its back. According to reports, only the high-end iPhone successor to the iPhone XS Max will be the only phone out of the three phones to feature the triple-lens camera system. A third lens will allow the iPhones to capture bigger field of views and allow for enhanced zoom shots.

Redesigned Camera Sensor

A third lens implies that Apple will also be tinkering with the camera appearance of the iPhone. The iPhone might feature a rounded square on the back with three cameras on the inside. There are also reports that Apple might cover the front facing and the rear camera in black thus making the camera bump to appear less noticeable.

Enhanced Face ID

As per the rumors, Apple’s facial recognition system will also be getting an update and shall be able to work in low light as well.

Sharper Selfies

You can also count on better and improved selfies from the upcoming iPhones. They will feature a 12MP sensor – a much-needed improvement from the current 7MP front camera.

Streaming Bluetooth Audio To 2 Devices

Have you ever wanted to share stuff with your friends or your significant other? If yes, then you will love this rumored feature; support for dual Bluetooth audio output.

Fast Charging

If this turns out to be true, then finally Apple would be providing a fast charging option to its users with an 18-watt charger.

Charging Other Devices

The new iPhones would come with the feature of bilateral charging, as per reports that are surfacing. This means that you will be able to use your iPhone to charge other devices.

More Battery Time

The iPhones are rumored to have bigger batteries so that they can support the previous feature. In fact, according to reports, the battery sizes might increase by 20-25% for the iPhone XS.

2019 iPhones Switching to USB-C

Apple usually offers its proprietary Lightning charge, but this might change this year since there are reports that suggest that Apple will be switching to USB-C.

Frosted Glass & New Colors

It is also being suggested that Apple might not be making many changes to the look of the phone except for offering frosted glass and options of choosing from more colors. Why? Because Apple has plans for incorporating bigger changes in 2020 to cater to 5G support.

Let’s see how many of these turn out to be true when Apple finally launches the new 2019 iPhones!

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