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Here’s How Scammers Are Selling Old Tires As New and Might Cost You Your Life

Pic Credits: thegarage.jalopnik

Gone are the days when you could simply walk into a tire store and replace your car’s tires with new ones for complete peace of mind for the next ten thousand miles. A new scam has been blown wide open by several sources claiming that some people have been trying to swindle people of their money by selling old tires packed and advertised as new!

These shady and nefarious elements in the automotive industry have found an astounding way to cheat people as they use tool and techniques to retread old tires and make them look new again.

The victims of the scam are usually people who opt to buy old and second-hand tires to save a few bucks. These people thin out the tires by deepening the threads, thus making them look legit. They also tear off the old rubber to expose the new one beneath, thus giving it a “new look.”

This leaves the tire more exposed to blowouts and punctures. Another technique of cutting tires called the “eyeball” method makes them extremely vulnerable to breaking down.

Needless to say, this is very dangerous since threads, and the outer skin isn’t the only thing that wears out in an old tire. We need to change them periodically as their chemical composition has a specific lifetime, and after going through a certain number of cycles, they give up to the rigors of weather and friction.

Watch how these con men scam people and risk our lives and money for their cheap profits! And don’t forget to share this with your loved ones!

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