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Here’s How You Can Maximise Your Survival Chances In A Crashing Plane

You are relaxing on your flight, probably have your earphones plugged in when all of a sudden your plane starts losing thousands of feet in altitude. What do you do during such a plane crash? Is there anything at all that you can do?

As per multiple sources, the probability of you being in a plane crash is 1 in 5.4 million. Having said that, it does make sense to know what to do during such a life-threatening situation. Before the plane makes its impact into the ground, make sure that you empty your pockets of any sharp items such as a pen or pencil. If you are wearing glasses, remove them.

It is also suggested that you loosen your tie or scarf if you are wearing any of them. If you have a moment before impact, be sure to locate the nearest exits as this will help you to go out if the cabin gets filled with smoke after impact. Once you have done all of these; position yourself in a ‘brace for impact’ style.

Once the impact has taken place, remain in your seat until the flight attendant says that you can leave. Make sure that you listen to the flight attendant as long as they are alive. If there is a fire after the impact; make sure that you cover your mouth using a piece of cloth or shirt. It is also advised that you do your best for relocating the exits that you had found earlier. If the aircraft ends up landing in the water; equip your life vest but do not inflate it yet. If you cannot find a life vest, hang onto someone else; don’t worry, the vest can support multiple people.

If you are worried or paranoid about flying, the following tips can help you feel a bit better about flying. Find a seat in the back half of the plane and in the aisle row. Why? In terms of statistics, this is the safest spot to be located in during a plane crash. A plane crash generally takes place either during takeoff or landing. So, try your best to book a direct flight with minimum stops, thus reducing the chance of a plane crash.

We truly hope though that you never have to encounter such a situation.