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Here’s How You Can Make Your Fan To Turn On Automatically When It Gets Hot

Fans are used by millions of people to combat the heat. They are an economically viable solution and can relieve you from the heat as well. However, there are many lazy folks around who find switching the fan on quite a hassle. An Instructables user came up with a solution for lazy folks by creating a fan that is temperature sensitive. Check out the details below.

The conventional fan is provided with computerized power via Bluetooth-controlled battery known as LightBlue Bean. You can get it here

You will need a power switch tail, a battery holder with two AA batteries, some wire and three yellow buttons.

At first, she drilled holes for the yellow buttons at the foot of the fan. She soldered wire to the buttons and installed them in the next step.

The other ends have been soldered to the LightBlue Bean.

She affixed the battery holder to the bottom of the fan.

Power switch was attached and the code was uploaded to the Bean.

Let’s see how the final product works.

Check out the fan in action!