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Here’s How The Extinction Of Mosquitoes Could Affect Us

No other winged creature is as exasperating and irksome as the tiny little mosquito! From flapping your arms around wildly around you to ward off the buzzing mosquitoes to swatting aimlessly in hopes of ridding this world of at least one annoying little insect, we all have experienced the infuriating mosquitoes.


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Almost 3500 species of mosquitoes are known, of which 200 attack humans. Anopheles, Culex and Aedes are the three well-known species of mosquitoes that can afflict the human beings with diseases like malaria and yellow fever.

What if there were NO Mosquitoes in this World?

Being in existence for millions of years implies that the mosquitoes have become an important part of the food chain whereby certain creatures now essentially feed on mosquitoes. The migratory birds eat the mosquitoes abundant in the Arctic Tundra and thus, the extinction of mosquitoes may significantly reduce the bird population. Some estimates suggest that the bird population may cut down to half if there were no mosquitoes on the planet.


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Similarly, the fish preying on mosquitoes, like the mosquitofish, will have to adjust their diet accordingly while the insects feeding on mosquitoes will also be affected. This, in turn, will unhinge the entire balance of the food chain.

Extinction of Mosquitoes is Not out of Question

The aftermath of the disappearance of these pesky winged-insects would not be disastrous mainly because most of the species preying on mosquitoes will adjust their diets and the balance of the food chain will be restored.


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Purposeful Extermination of a Species

The scientists are already working on techniques to eradicate the mosquitoes from the planet. One of the techniques involves editing the genetic code of the mosquitoes to reduce the female population as opposed to the male population of the mosquitoes, thus reducing their ability to reproduce.


Image Source: National Geographic


So, we might live in a world where there are no deadly diseases like malaria and dengue, and certainly no swatting!

Would you like to live in a world devoid of mosquitoes? Let us know in comments!

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