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Here’s How Shutting Down Adobe Flash Stopped A Railroad From Working For 20 Hours

Ending Adobe Flash shut down a Railroad From Operating for 20 Hours in China

The news has already made circles(for the last time) that on December 31, 2020, Adobe ended supporting Flash Player. On January 12, 2021, blocked any content from working on Flash Player altogether. The firm had been heading towards this decision since 2017 and “highly” suggested all users immediately uninstall Flash Player to help shield their systems.

For the majority of us, this decision meant nothing. Adobe Flash was mainly used for some basic games that most of us hardly ever play. But, for the city of Dalian in China, it resulted in their railroad stop functioning.

Yes! You read that correctly. A complete city was moving its railroad network on Flash. This may seem a little less shocking if you understand that YouTube ran its site on Flash till almost 2015. Still, however, it seems like a dangerous risk.

What is high risk is that after many warnings that Adobe decided to stop working, the city did not make any shift in its infrastructure. Instead, they carried on to run on Flash until the web browser was stopped two weeks ago.

Once that happened, the railroad found itself incapable of working and stayed inactive for 20 hours. We can assume rightly that many people had themselves inconvenienced by the occurrence of this event.

So, how did the railroad sort this issue? You would conceive a guess that they might have upgraded to a more recent management system.
No! They easily installed a pirated version of Flash and a previous version of the web browser that worked fine together. This pirated version, called “Ghost,” was still functional and unblocked.

One has to be curious as to how long their solution might work. After all, with Flash no longer working, where will they go for help? You do, however, have to appreciate their tactics.
AppleDaily initially published this story.

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