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Here’s How Fraudsters Are Altering 10$ Bills To Look Like 50$ Ones

Although there is a huge difference between the two currency notes, people have still gotten away with spending this counterfeit set of fifty dollars. In a video posted by Youtuber Descubre tu Mundo shows us how people are doing minor alterations to their 10 $ bills to make them look like 50 $.

At a first glance, we can see the number 50 printed on either side of the currency.

But now, as we rub on these numbers with the help of a cloth, it fades away to reveal that the note is actually a 10 $ one!

Even the holographic ink had been altered by the cons!

But, we all know they cannot change the man in the picture. The 10 $ bill has Alexander Hamilton on it while the 50 $ has Civil War General Grant.

But, many people who knew about this were be fooled by the trickery. It is because our minds aren’t trained to look at the person on a currency. We just make the usual checks to be sure about the legitimacy of the note (which a 10 $ bill is!) and also look at the currency numerals.

The Secret Service’s website has a detailed list of checks you need to examine your money.

If all fails, just keep in your subconscious mind that US Grant and Hamilton aren’t even looking in the same direction! That will give you a head’s up!

Check out the video below:

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