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Here’s How Duct Tape Saved Matt Damon’s Life On Mars

Hey folks, engineering ain’t all sunshine and rainbows, it’s mean and harsh and it will beat you down to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. Yes, we admit, we modified the famous Rocky Balboa speech a bit but it was worth it. Now that we’ve got your attention, let us ask you a question; do you believe that duct tape is as useful as the memes on Internet make it sound like? Is it really the magic solution to all the problems, or most of the problems, that engineers face? We turned to Hollywood and they responded by making ‘The Martian’.Here's How Duct Tape Saved Matt Damon's Life On Mars2

The famous Matt Damon, who has a knack for being the person that always needs saving, is left stranded on Mars and he survives by making use of his knowledge and well, you know the answer already, duct tape!

This is a testimonial to the usefulness of duct tape and the amazing feats that it is capable of performing. We shall show you some pictures and clips from the movie and you can see for yourself that if it wasn’t for duct tape, Matt Damon wouldn’t have survived on Mars.

He used it for keeping the boxes secure.

He also used it for making the enclosure where he grew potatoes.

He used it for repairing his helmet to stabilize the oxygen pressure.

He used it for fixing his base on Mars as well.


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