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Here’s How A Drone Can Actually Kill You With Its Propellers

With the increased interactions of humans and drones on the cards, we know that the flying machines would have to be made safer since their operators tend to crash and poke around people unintentionally. While many of you don’t know, this has been listed as a serious disaster for the future by many metropolitan administrations. Now, companies are turning towards making drones safer around human beings and other living things and are testing it on lumps of meat. Check out this slow-motion video of a drone propeller cutting through a large roasted piece of meat:

This video shows an incident where a DJI phantom owner almost lost his life to a drone.

Aalborg University’s Drone Research Lab in Denmark is leading the research in this fledgeling field and conduct drone crashes regularly according to Tech Radar. The main challenge is to reduce the impact sheer and force from drone propellers.
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