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Here Is How You Can Play “Doom 3” By Modding A Porsche 911

Some things are just meant to be seen and admired from a safe distance, and surely, this is one of them. We have seen the famous first-person shooter game “Doom,” being modified, to be played on almost any device ranging from printers, ATMs, calculators and even the Apple Touch Bar. Now, a YouTuber is here to put all those mods to shame as he has hooked up the low-end game to a very high-end contraption – the incredible 370 horsepower Porsche 911.

YouTube user vexal has uploaded a video tutorial which gives a step-by-step guide on playing the Doom on the screen of a Porsche 911. The game is not to be played using a simple controller. Instead, you would use the $100k car’s shifter, horn, accelerator, and a steering wheel to send those demons back to hell while driving on the road!

You just need to use a flash drive containing car’s VIN, insert it into the Porsche’s USB slot, and start the vehicle. This takes the computer system into debug mode, where you can insert the game and select it on the console screen.

It goes without saying that this is not safe. The game may be addictive but, we would still not recommend hurting yourself, others and the incredibly expensive sports car for a silly little game!

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