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Here Are The 24 Best Airlines That You Should Travel On

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How do you choose the best? How do we decide who comes out on top if the best were compared? Seemingly tough job to do but had to be done. So, Flightfox the crowd sourcing travel website has come up with a list of 24 best First Class in-flight cabins from around the world.

For the ranking to be carried out, they considered many features that included seat configuration, suite privacy, champagne type being served, aisle access, if pyjamas are offered and also how the caviar has been plated.

Singapore Airlines won the competition and Hong Kong airline Cathay Pacific scored second while Emirates won the third prize. The list, as it appeared on Flightfox, is given below.

  1. Singapore Suites  $3,324
  2. Cathay Pacific First Class Suites $713
  3. Emirates First Class Suites $824
  4. Etihad Diamond First $911
  5. Lufthansa First Class $5,520
  6. Oman Air First Class $3,917
  7. Qatar First Class $684
  8. Asiana First Class Suite $4,073
  9. ANA First Square $9,640
  10. Singapore First Class $1,593
  11. JAL Suite $3,712
  12. Air France La Premiere $7,496
  13. Thai Royal First $2,533
  14. Emirates First Class $1,318
  15. Qantas First Suites $5,037
  16. Swiss First $355
  17. Garuda New First Class $3,049
  18. Korean Air Kosmo Suite $5,922
  19. Air China Forbidden Pavilion $849
  20. Transaero Imperial Class $2,200
  21. Malaysia First Class $6,237
  22. British Airways First Class $8,052
  23. American Airlines Flagship $3,667
  24. United Airlines Global First $4,590

Singapore Airlines

American Airline


Cathay Pacific


Oman Air

Japan Airlines

Air France

Swiss International Airlines

Garuda Indonesia

Korean Air

British Airways


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