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Here Are Some Of The Coolest Crop Circles You Can Find On Google Maps

Do you remember the frenzy which crop circles caused? There was this hype of aliens existing and how crop circles have been created due to the UFOs landings. However, when a detailed investigation was carried out, it came to light that these were just created by folks who had a lot of free time on their hand and were bored. Google Maps has made it possible to witness these crop circles and we have compiled a list of crop circles that are quite peculiar.

11. That looks quite realistic!

10. Conspiracy Theory

9. Star of David?

8. Can you make out what it is?

7. This is carved right into the South African soil.

6. Biohazard Warning Sign

5. Cartoon Lovers?

4. Almost Perfectly symmetrical.

3. Here’s How You Do A Product placement.

2. A jellyfish?

1. That’s one good-looking crop circle.