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Here Are 9 Super Scary Weapons That Were Total Failures In Real

Coming up with a weapon system isn’t that easy. We all know the basic idea that any weapon in question should go boom and be accurate, however, there are certain instances when the weapon looked deadly but it was a dud in real. Here’s a list of 9 weapons that look scary but are bogus. Check out the list and let us know what you think of it.

9. Star Wars program

Ronald Reagan came up with the program as a response to Soviet’s space missiles. The system included ground and space missiles that would be able to neutralize the Soviet threat. This couldn’t happen because science wasn’t there at that time.

8. The Polyus spacecraft

This project was started by the Soviets. The idea was to have a satellite in space filled with missiles while aiming at US. Lucky for US, the guidance system was poor and thus, the project failed.

7. The Maus tank

This tank was basically Nazi’s anti-tank gun while also featuring a grenade launcher and a flamethrower. Insanely expensive to build and maintain!

6. The Ohka

The planes were designed especially for the Japanese kamikaze fighter. The planes used to catch fire before hitting the target though.

5. The Lun Ekranoplan

This plane was able to fly while also being able to carry missiles. The only thing that it couldn’t tackle were the big waves. Hence, they had limited use.

4. Fireships

Do we need to explain? The idea was to have it directed at enemy ships in the hopes of letting them catch fire, however, the fire doesn’t know who is enemy and who is friend and hence this had to be ceased.

3. Nuclear powered aircraft

The Cold War saw Soviets and Americans tinkering with nuclear powered aircrafts, however, while these planes were amazing because they didn’t have to land, the threat of potential nuclear reactors in the sky was far too great to carry on with the idea.

2. The New Zealand Bob Hemple tank

Scary? Yes. Agile? No. It is unbelievably heavy and cannot change gears without halting.

1. The Nock Volley gun

The gun was created back in 1779 and fires from the 7 barrels simultaneously. However, the recoil is powerful enough to break the user’s arms.

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