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Here Are 7 Reasons Why You Should Marry An Engineer

Marry an engineer

Alright folks, are you looking for the perfect life partner? A partner that knows how to make your life easier and convenient? Your prayers have been heard for Engineers were born! What follows is a list of 7 reasons why you should totally marry an engineer.

7. Engineers keep track of the details.

You probably can’t rely on them for spontaneous plans but you can totally count on them for working out the details of your life, finances, travel plans and children’s education. There will be no error, the calculations will be precise and on point. Oh and before we forget, engineers will remember your birthday!

6. They’re logical.

This is essential if you are looking to make a marriage work. A lot of divorced folks will agree. They don’t have any problems committing once they have ascertained that you are the best match for them.

5. And they’re definitely not lazy.

Engineers are anything but lazy because a lazy person can never become an engineer so you can expect them to give their whole to marriage, your family and career.

4. They can build things. Read: Your DIY Dreams fulfilled, your broken house fixed.

You can count on an engineer to make DIY projects look like a breeze while also fixing things. You no longer will have to spend a day in the cold because of broken heat. The engineer will help you out!

3. They don’t make rash decisions.

There are no rash decisions with engineers. They have been programmed to think and then re-think about their decisions and somewhere in there, a detailed excel sheet is present as well. It is very unlikely that an engineer will make a rash decision that will make your life chaotic.

2. They don’t run away from a problem.

They are born to solve problems and approach problems from a variety of angles thus making them perfect life partners. They will reach the most logical solution while tying up the loose ends. Why? That’s how they have been programmed.

1. They love how easily they can be themselves around you.

Once an engineer is in a relationship with you, that means he/she is confident enough to be his/herself around you and that guarantees a love that won’t fizzle out anytime soon. You’re in luck! Don’t let the engineer go.

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