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Here Are 6 Design Features In Common Products That Have A Hidden Purpose

Bic pen cap holes2

Ever wondered why some objects are designed the way they are? Is it just the result of designer’s creative minds, or is there some deeper thought behind it? Today, we will reveal six design features that have a hidden purpose you surely never knew before!

1) The Pen Cap!

Pic Credits: life buzz

The pen cap, so humble yet so ingenious! Notice the holes in the head? They aren’t just there to save the material, and they weren’t there until 1991. Before the design change, thousands of children would choke on these caps annually and would suffocate to death as it blocked the air tract.

These issues spurred the creative minds at BIC, who came up with this bright idea of introducing holes into the pen caps. Now if the child swallows the cap, there is enough room to let some air pass through and help him/her to breathe until the medical aid arrives.

The idea of putting holes on BIC’s pens even inspired Lego, who also have adopted the now have holes in their action figures.

Pic Credits: life buzz

2) Plastic Liners Under Bottle Caps

Pic Credits: life buzz

The blue liner under the cap is a pressure seal which is softer than the plastic of the bottle. This seal helps in ensuring the freshness and carbonation of your drink.

3) The Hole on the Handles of Pots And Pans

Pic Credits: life buzz

While many think the holes at the end of the cutlery like pots and pans is to help in hanging them on the wall and save space in the kitchen, but it was built to hold your cooking spoon as your dish simmer.

4) The Hole at the Bottom of Padlocks

Pic Credits: life buzz

The pinhole at the bottom of the padlock is to enable drainage for water and allow the addition of lubrication for the moving parts inside the lock. It might not be needed when the lock is used indoors, but are useful if the lock is used outside and exposed to the environment.

5) Soda Can Tabs as Straw Holders

Pic Credits: life buzz

While everyone uses this hole to twist and flick away the cover, we can also use it as a straw holder. Pop it open and twist the tab around to make a perfect straw holder.

6) The Breather Hole in Airplane Windows

Pic Credits: life buzz

Don’t freak out if you see a tiny hole in your window while flying! The hole is placed to regulate the amount of pressure between the inner and outer glass panes.


Know some other useful design features? Comment below!

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