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Here Are 20 Design Fails That Will Make You Laugh For Hours

Usually, designers are creative folks who are good at their job. However, the following is a list of designers who decided to totally mess up the one job they were supposed to do.

20. Too Cool To Do Drugs

Via imgur/image

19. When You Don’t Think Things Through!

Via imgur/mediagarden

18. Book Name Fail

Via imgur/Shockrates

17. Who Thought Up This Design?

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16. Parliament in London.

via flickr / Olly Denton

15. Not the typical maple syrup.

via reddit / nb4hnp

14. You’ll have to read it again to get a better understanding.

via Caged Insider

13. Wow!

via reddit / JaXXXek

12. Keep the bench cleared!

via reddit / PaulSharke

11. Camo is the only color!

via reddit / Thedaveabides98

10. Escalator To Nowhere.

via reddit / [deleted]

9. Minion’s Tears!

via reddit / AWildMagikarp5

8. This ad design team knew exactly what they were doing.

via reddit / dodgersbenny

7. Is this a fail or a win?

via reddit / zapsquad

6. Wow

via reddit / GashcatUnpunished

5. Wait, what?

via reddit / Jagator

4. Inappropriate?

via imgur / DontDoubtMyCommitmentToSparkleMotion

3. What on Earth!

via imgur / Mookystick

2. Who else knows this feeling?

via imgur / marat555

1. The typo made the ad better actually.

via reddit / FifeeBoy

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