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Here Are 17 Wonderful Uses of Paper Clips That You Did Not Know Before

The most obvious use of paper clips is quite apparent. Yes, for keeping documents organized and neat. However, you will be amazed when you find out the amazing things that you can do with this little contraption. Check out the 17 creative and wonderful uses of paper clips below and let us know what you think of them.

17. Hang decorative plates on the wall by making use of a rubber band and four paper clips.

16. Glue a button to a paper clip!

15. Chandelier out of paper clips.

14. Make a cool ring from a paper clip!

13. If you lose a button, a paper clip can save the day until you get home.

12. Make an iPhone holder with two paper clips. You’ll never get a sore neck from watching videos again.

11. Use paper clips to hold your sleeves up.

10. Harness the power of science and make a paper clip compass.

9. Use colored paper clips to make a pretty dream catcher.

8. If your zipper pull fell off, use a paper clip to zip things up.

7. With a few bends and a piece of electrical tape, you can cover up your webcam for extra security.

6. This cute ear cuff is made from a paper clip.

5. A paper clip with a bit of tape on the end can help with cleaning the headphone jack.

4. Clogged glue cap? Pop the top off and use a paper clip to clean out the hole.

3. Stick a paper clip to the end of your duct tape and never lose the seam again.

2. Keep your washi tape from getting unraveled.

1. Tie a ribbon onto a paper clip to make a cute bookmark.