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Here Are 17 Useful Hacks You Need To Know Before You Go Camping

The decision of going camping is usually met with raised eyebrows and look of horrors. However, properly planned camping is nothing short of fun and some amazing time. Therefore, once you have decided to go camping, you better make sure you are prepared well for it. This guide will help you in preparing for the best camping experience of your life.

1. Create a list.

Seemingly simple task, however, ensure that you write down every little thing in this list.

2. Learn how to make fire.

This is important as well. Learn how to make it and learn how to make it in non-conventional manners as well.

3. Cook with tinfoil.

Using a tinfoil for cooking allows you to keep moisture and flavor locked in. It also doubles up as a serving tray.

4. Have pancake batter placed inside a plastic squeeze jar for breakfast.

Make sure you bring a pan too for cooking these pancakes.

5. Pack frozen bottles of water in coolers.

Use plastic bottles and you can make use of these blocks of ice for keeping the food cold and shall also reduce the amount of bagged ice that you will need to buy. You can also drink it once the ice melts.

6. Make a reading light from a headlamp and a water jug.

Strap a headlamp around a jug of water for creating a DIY lamp.

7. Keep toilet paper in a coffee container.

If you are planning to rough it and there are no bathrooms on camp ground, then this trick will help you keep the toilet paper dry and clean.

8. Make toothpaste dots if space is an issue.

Squeeze out dots of toothpaste about the size of a dime on a paper plate and allow them to dry for about two days followed by sprinkling them with baking soda and popping the plate off. Store these in zip-lock bag and now you don’t need to carry the whole tube with you.

9. Make one-time-use soap leaves for bathing

Simply slice soap into thin wafers; they dissolve after one use.

10. Make an acorn whistle.

Learn how to make whistles from acorn caps.

11. Keep first aid supplies in a mint tin.

Make use of a mint tin for keeping these supplies together.

12. Use sage to keep mosquitos at bay.

Sprinkling some dried sage on the fire shall keep the bugs away.

13. Store tape on water bottles.

Wrap as much of tape as you think you will need on a plastic bottle and peel some off when you need to use it.

14. Bundle six-pack plastic rings together to make a pan-scrubber.

These are amazing for scrubbing food out of pans. Ensure that you get rid of them properly when you get back home.

15. Avoid breaking glasses by using silicone cups.

Make use of silicone cups; they are collapsible as well.

16. Three words: Bailey’s-dipped marshmallows.


17. Make your own sangria.

Learn the recipe and make use of it.