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Here Are 16 Useful Phone Hacks While Travelling

Traveling around with a fully charged and functioning smartphone is our dream, but one reason or another, we are always short of our dream vacation and more often than not, a lack of smartphone access is the reason behind it. Here are 16 useful hacks on how to make the most out of your smartphone while traveling long and short distances:

1. Take numerous screenshots of relevant parts of map and turn off your location services and mobile internet to conserve battery.

2. You can also use offline map services like City Maps 2 Go and OsmAnd.

3. Always keep a battery pack or charging case with you even if charging stations are nearby.

4. Take a picture of your fridge to keep track of what groceries you need.

5. If you are in habit of misplacing your phone from time to time, put your name and emergency phone number on the background to help a good samaritan find you. It can also help you in case of an accident.

6. Switch to Airplane Mode while charging.

7. Use VOIP apps like Skype and Viber to your advantage and avoid making long-distance international calls. You can save many bucks from here.

8. Keep all of your information in one place like in an app or your phone notebook. You don’t have to waste luggage space for it.

9. The USB port on the back of most public TVs can be used to charge your phone if you can’t find your charger

10. Take several snaps at once to have your perfect picture.

11. If you aren’t getting a strong signal you don’t have to reboot your entire phone. Just enable and then disable airplane mode. It will reconnect with another tower.

12. Put your phone in a cup or other enclosed space to amplify the sound.

13. Apple earbuds attach magnetically to the screen so you won’t have to lose them.

14. Bring a long utility power strip along with you to charge multiple phones, laptops, power banks, cameras and what else at once.

15. Use Wi-Fi to your advantage every single time you can get.

16. If you are facing problems receiving signals, roll down your windows to get a better shot. It works like a charm.