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15 Jaw-dropping Chemical Reactions That Will Make You Want To Go To School Again

Crazy Science experiments

Lets face it. Most of us studied (and hated) Chemistry for the larger duration of our high school. But prepare to be amazed as we are going to show you some cool chemical reactions that will surely make you forget chemistry as just a science of symbols and atomic structures. No wonder your teacher didn’t show them to you.

1. Venom Snake and Blood

There is a reason why deadly snake venom will kill you. It reacts with blood and the product is a semi-solid spongy mass. Not good for circulation anymore!

2. Exorcism of Mercury Thiocyanate

When Mercury Thiocyanate is burned, hordes of burning demons arise from it. DO NOT try this at home as it is highly toxic.

3. Hydrogen Per-Oxide and Potassium Iodide- Well that Escalated Quickly

Potassium Iodide and Hydrogen Per-Oxide produce the most remarkable amounts of foam when they react. Amazing isn’t it?

4. Need any coal imitator? Try burning Lithium Instead

The lightest of all metals Lithium blossoms into a cauliflower after burning in the presence of Oxygen.

5. A light-bulb running out producing stars

When a light bulb nears the end of its life, it slowly runs out, but not before giving dazzling display of lights before finishing off. That’s what we call signing off in style.

6. Electrical Rooting

Yes Rooting. When a large amount of current passes through an insulator, it makes perfect root-like structures in the insulator’s body. Trying to force its way out, eh?

7. Fireworks due to Aluminum and Iodide

A dazzling vapor of Iodine follows along with heat and light. Apparently lots of it.

8. Hydrogen Per-Oxide and Blood

Contrary to popular belief, putting Hydrogen on wounds will result in a reaction that looks something like this (though on smaller scale).

9. Nitinol-Ultimate Re-winds Itself

Nitinol is a metallic alloy made of Titanium and Nickel. It rewinds itself back with a slight temperature variation like tap water.

10. Hydrophobia of Materials

So it seems hydrophobia exists in certain materials as well, even to the extent that perfect spheres are achieved.

10. Conjuring Hydra from Calcium

Next Halloween, maybe?

11. Giving Life to your food

Cuttlefish undergoes muscular spasms when soy sauce and sodium chloride react.

12. Mercury and Aluminum

This propagating beauty occurs when mercury is able to penetrate Al’s peroxide layer.

13. Water Forming a Bridge

When you introduce some current, the molecules become more tightly bonded. Yes, that’s why you cant detach yourself.

14. White Tin-Grey Tin

Below 13 Celsuis, Crystallized white tin turns into it’s more brittle form.

15. Sulfuric and The Beanstalk?

Guess the magic beans were just sugar that somehow contacted with sulfuric acid.