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Here Are 14 Amazing Houses That Have Been Built Right Into Nature

Big city life can become economically draining for a lot of us. Not everyone can manage living in an expensive place that crams you with other people as well. The solution is opting for houses that are beautiful yet being highly energy efficient. Check out this list of secluded houses that are built in the heart of nature. Let us know what you think about in comments section below.

14. Slide Your Way To This Home!

13. Mountain Neighbors

12. Foundation Better Withstand!

11. Snow and Sledding!

10. Where’s the access from?

9. Satellite TV is a must

8. Underground House

7. Living in a Mountain!

6. Green Grass!

5. Alien Approach to House

4. Having a pool makes the house cooler automatically

3. Check out the view!

2. Hoping for no Big Waves

1. Dining close to Creek