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Here Are 12 Amazing Google Search Tricks That You Need To Try

google tricks

We all know what Google is and how it has become from just a company to a common household word and the amazing that it does for me are just ah-mazing. However, there are many things that are still not known by too many and so we decided to compile this list of 12 Google search tricks that will come in handy. Check them out and let us know what you think about them in the comments section below.

12. Google “Atari Breakout”

11. Anagram Jokes – Yes They Exist!

10. How much do I Tip?

9. Flight Schedules

8. Schedule Of TV Shows

7. What is the Loneliest Number?

6. Play “Zerg Rush”

5. Google Search as a Timer

4. Google “Tilt”

3. Google “Do a Barrel Roll”

2. What should I Eat?

1. Google “Gravity”

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