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Here Are 10 Electric Cars With The Best Range

Electric Vehicles are now very popular. Considering that now all the big name manufacturers have EV variants, there are many choices in the market. We have compiled a list in terms of best range for you. Let us know your favourite car in the comments section below.

10. Smart Electric Drive

At little over $25,000, this vehicle is the most suitable choice for consumers who want to go green under a budget.  The car delivers 65 miles on a complete charge, which is an equivalent of 107 combined miles per gallon. What this car lacks in beauty makes up for in efficiency.

9. Ford Focus Electric

This vehicle had a price cut in 2014 from FORD. It is now sold at $29,700. The car can drive 76 miles on a single charge and offers 105 combined miles per gallon equivalent. A new car on average has an efficiency of 24miles per gallon so over a period of 4-5 years, this car can save owners up to 5,500$ in fuel.

8. BMW i3

This model has been one of popular ones with consumers in Europe. It has a range of 81 miles on full charge and 124 miles per gallon equivalent. Talking about buying it in USA, the hefty price of $43,000 seems a little less daunting after considering the tax rebate and fuel cost savings.

7. GM Chevy Spark EV

Initially, these models from General Motors could run only 38 miles on a single charge. But soon GM managed to increase that figure to 81 miles in the subcompact Chevy Spark EV that costs $25000. Spark EV’s equivalent miles per gallon of 119 made it second most economical car in the USA. After tax rebate, the price falls well below $20,000 and has a lease of 139$.

6. Volkswagen e-Golf

Volkswagen has been under fire lately for cheating on its fuel emission tests. Having said that, Volkswagen e-golf  is one of the best EV’s out there. The car can drive almost 83 miles on a single charge. While most on this list are specially designed electric vehicles, e-golf is not much different from its gasoline counterpart and handles the same on the road.

5. Nissan Leaf

One of the pioneers in EV cars. The car costs about $25,000 and has a range of 84miles on full charge. Classified by the EPA as a midsize car, the Leaf boasts an impressive efficiency rating of 114 MPGe.

4. Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive

Mercedes brought an EV into the market to rival Tesla’s S class. The price of this vehicle is almost the same as of BMW’s i3 at $41,450. The car offers 87 miles per full charge and though the most powerful in EV’s, has low efficency at 84 miles per gallon equivalent.

3. Fiat 500e

The Italian’s know a thing or two about style and they brought it with this small EV. For $32,200, you will get a car that can travel 87 miles on a full charge and has an efficiency of 116 miles per gallon.

2. Kia Soul EV

The car boasts an impressive range of 93 miles per full charge and an efficiency of 120 miles per gallon. It comes at a base price of $33,000 and if you add the tax rebate, this is a very good buy.

1. Tesla Model S 85D

The revolutionary car will cost you $85,000 but if you consider all the features then it is a wonderful luxury car to have. The car has a range of 270 miles at complete charge.  The car is completely ahead of the pack in terms of efficiency and mileage & has a variant Model S 70D, which offers 240 miles of range at a cost of $75,000.