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Haven Is A Unique New Door Lock That You Can Control With Your Smartphone

Thieves and burglars keep devising new approaches to break into your homes. That is exactly why we continue to see new locks and unique approaches to locking mechanisms being invented. Today we are going to show you a new smart lock, which is quite different from other locks owing to the fact that it has installed the locking mechanism from door to floor. The name of this lock is Haven its creators are Alex Bertelli and Clay Banks.

Looking at Haven tells us that it is a wedge fixed at the base of the door, which works by flattening its top part upon being unlocked and raises an accordion lift gate when you lock it. The accordion lift gate rises behind the bottom centre of the door. Haven has been created from steel, aluminium and glass reinforced nylon. It measures 76 x 2 cm and comes with support for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi along with a Li-ion battery, which also has a backup unit in order to ensure that the user is able to communicate with the lock in case of power failure.

Users can make use of a key fob to lock and unlock the Haven or can even do this remotely via their mobile devices. They can also create digital keys for guests with customizable expiry dates for those keys. The Haven portal can be accessed from any computer to unlock it if a user loses the smartphone. In emergency cases, a mechanical footplate lowers the accordion lift gate. The lock can also work as an automation hub that can be managed via mobile devices. The Smart Detect Technology incorporated into the lock can ascertain if excessive force is being used and raises an alarm. If it detects suspicious activities, Sync Haven will turn on the smart lighting. The designers hope to introduce new functions as the Internet of Things shapes up even further.

The system will be sold with a template that allows for easy installation by helping the user to align the lock properly with the threshold. The user would need to drill the holes in line and make use of lag bolts to secure the mounting brackets (total of two) into the floor. The company is raising funds on Kickstarter where you can make a pledge of $269 to warrant one unit for yourself. If everything goes well, the deliveries will start in August 2015.

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