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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Generated $300K In 24 Hours

Niantic is a mobile game developer known for its famous Pokemon Go! and Ingress. Niantic has launched its latest game known as Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and the game is actually doing quite good in terms of download rate and the first-day revenue. However, many are pointing out that it is lagging severely in terms of the first-day revenue of Pokemon Go!.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was able to achieve downloads of 400,000 during the first 24 hours and generated a revenue total of $300,000 across Google Play and Apple App Stores following its launch on Friday. However, these numbers dwarf when compared with the 7.5 million downloads and $2 million in revenue during the 24-hour period after Pokemon Go! was launched.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is enjoying downloads and revenue on its first launch day that would have been the cause for a celebration. In fact, according to the 30-day projected revenue; the game is slated to make about $10 million. And still many are only able to focus on how Niantic’s latest game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, is unable to perform as well as the previous game by the game developer. To make some sense of it, you should understand that the ‘Pokemon Go!’ relied heavily on the design from the classic Nintendo games that remained a global hit for over a decade and a half.

In all honesty, Pokemon Go! was actually impossible to follow-up from a developer’s standpoint. However, it appears that Niantic didn’t want to follow it up as well. The latest game brought in a good enough install rate along with revenue without causing a series of incidents where users got into accidents because they were too busy trying to catch them all.

Furthermore, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is definitely making good enough money and will be taking home quite a large paycheck if things keep up like this. Maybe what is required is for the rest of us to stop comparing these two games and actually just enjoy the new game!