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Hangbag – A Handbag That Also Converts Into A Dress Hanger

Multitasking is no longer just limited to our smart phones and laptops but is being employed in our daily life as well. Multi-functional furniture and gadgets are one example. Our today’s article deals with one such product which is capable of letting you use it for two different tasks and that too without any modification. The invention is known as the Hangbag. The idea was to combine a shopping bag and a hanger for clothes into one.

This idea was conceived by three students, Parin Sanghvi, Mohit Singhvi, and Shruti Gupta, at MIT Institute of Design. This idea was founded when they were brainstorming for a project; ‘Green Design’, a project that was to come up with products that are environment friendly. As of now, shopping bags are considered dangerous to our environment and are essentially considered as a waste of resources. Hence, the splicing idea seems to have worked just fine. Clothing hangers are usually kept in our households until they break.

The gadget looks nothing more than your average paper shopping bag. However, once you follow instructions and make use of the piece of cardboard which is inside the bag, you will be able to use it as a hanger. The bag gets wrapped onto itself and finally is held in place by the hook, after which the gadget can be used as a clothes hanger and the handle can be used for hanging ties as well.

The design of this gadget is still premature and work is being carried out to come up with a more refined look and a hanger that is capable of allowing for delicate clothing items to be hanged. As of now, it is being used in MIT campus only but the designers are more than keen to get it out in the market as well. Fingers crossed!