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Gym-In-A-Bus Lets You Work Out On Your Way To Office

iRebel workout in a bus2

Most people have to commute at least an hour between work/college and home and all of this time is either spent catching up on work or precious sleep. Once we are back in our homes, we reflect back on the commute and wish how we could convert it into something productive. This is where the new gym concept from London-based 1Rebel comes in. They have designed this fantastic bus where you can work out on your way to or back from work. They call them mobile spinning studios and all sort of workout machines are available in it!

The buses were designed by WMOR architects and they weren’t so sure about the final shape until the last few months when they began making it and added stuff as they proceeded. This may seem crazy, but Gyms in buses aren’t exactly a new concept but not before have they been operational on a moving bus. Previously, people were allowed to exercise on buses while they were at a stop on certain locations. This concept from iRebel takes things to a whole new level.

Four popular commuter routes have been earmarked for the innovative bus with pickup and drop-off points located in Kesington, Angel, Clapham and Stratford which cover almost all parts of London. The route in the morning will finish in London’s financial district where iRebel’s gym is present. Passengers will be able to take a shower and change since nobody would want you around the house with the sweaty appearance after a heavy workout session on the bus. 

There will be ten spin bikes on each bus and classes will also be conducted inside with trainers present for some High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) especially on the upper body. WMOR is also looking for ways to use all the mechanical energy from the bikes and power the sound system and the lights of the buses. It is the idea of a modern, mobile gym that appeals to many people. Now you won’t have to take time from your busy schedule in the city and work out on your way back and forth. A typical 45 minutes class will cost around 12-15 GBP. iRebel wants to launch the first cars later this year and discussions about leasing buses from companies are already going on.
So will you subscribe to this new Gym bus service?

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