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Guys Transform This Decade Old Rusty Van Into An Ultimate Camper

A Redditor and his buddy decided to create a new RV by carrying out a DIY project on their decade-old van. The end result is an amazing caravan that features a kitchen, foldout bed and more. Check out the project below and let us know what you think of it.

The project began with a GMC Safari from 2000.

The team took out the cabin’s chair and began working.

The carpet was ripped out as well and they installed new flooring.

Just to let you know, you require a particular skill set before carrying out this DIY, so don’t try this without proper supervision.

Once they had made a number of repairs to the van, structurally and visually, they created a frame for the van’s kitchen.

Since they didn’t want to purchase a mini fridge, they settled for making one for themselves by using cooler and a thermostat.

Check out the partially assembled kitchen, it even sports a tiny grill as well.

All the whistles and bells in the van require quite a battery power and to cater to that, two extra batteries were installed inside. The panel allows the duo to switch between batteries and charge them.

Check out the frame for the couch that folds out into a bed and sports extra storage space underneath.

Foam cover was sewn by their mutual friend and this is how it looks on the couch.

Here it is as a bed!

Check out the kitchen, completely installed and fully stocked with edibles. The mini grill and DIY fridge can be pulled out from drawers sporting easy storage.

The van’s maiden voyage was Alaska!

Check out a tour of the van in the video below.

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