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Guys Build $1.6 Million Batman Tumbler Replica

Batman Tumbler Replica

Team Galag posterWe are living in an age inspired by the cinema and science. All that which we only saw in animated movies is becoming real thanks to science. You can see superheroes taking off in flight to fight off crime in movies and thanks to the technological advancement it all seems as real as it can get. We all are fans of Christopher Nolan’s Batman; do you remember the Epic’s EV TORQ; The Roadster straight out of Batman’s movie? Yes, we covered that too because like most of the readers we too are huge, die-hard, fans of Batman. Things keep getting better and better for us fans, believe us! Have you all heard about the Gumball 3000 race? Traditionally, the race was about unique cars just out there on the road completing the rally.

However, nowadays it’s more about Ferrari, Lamborghini and expensive cars like that. Amongst all such expensive cars, the international racing crew; Team Galag have introduced one of their unique cars for the Gumball 3000 race set for 2013. What is so surprising about this car? Well, yes it has something to do with the Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight. But this is much more than what you were expecting; this is an exact replica of ‘does this come in black-tank’ driven by our Dark Knight on the streets of Gotham. As mentioned earlier, the Gumball race 3000 is not like the traditional racing competitions. There is neither time record to break nor any prizes to be given to fastest cars. This is more like a road trip through Europe on flashy and expensive cars. An exotic trip if you will. The event was inspired by movies such as The Cannonball Run and The Gumball Rally. The event, traditionally, used to have both types; the expensive sort and the unique ones. However, it has somewhat turned into a ‘let’s see who’s the richest one out there’ rally sort. The members of Team Galag wanted to reignite the old spirit of the rally and therefore commissioned Parker Brothers Concepts, in Florida, to create a replica of Batman Tumbler which was street legal. The other than obvious task was to come up with something that would be able to compete with other cars in the rally during this 3,000 m rally. An investment of $1.6 million was made for this awesome crime fighting ride.

Let’s have a look at some of the specs of this cool ride; it weighs about 2.5 tons and is about 2 ft higher than a Hummer H1. We have a 400lb, 6.2 liter V8 engine which is surrounded by a bespoke tubular chassis. The car is not lightning fast but considering its weight and size, we would say its ability to achieve 100 mph is definitely something worth appreciating. Hats off to the manufacturing team!  One can even track this car during rally by signing onto Team Galag’s website. They have a pretty slick GPS tracking system just for this purpose. Rest assured the car is bound to get quite an appraisal at the rally!

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