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Guy Transforms Boring Office Walls Into Pieces Of Art Using Tape

It would seem that to create huge murals in public, one would require some real fancy equipment, right? Wrong! Meet Buff Diss, an Australian artist, who makes use of very simple materials for this task. Are you ready to find out what he uses to create these murals? Well, he uses tape!

He tears off pieces of tape and then guides them into place.

Most of his work refers literature and classical art.

He likes giving them a modern touch though.

He layers the tape to impart the illusion of shading and detailed line work. The idea of using tape as a medium is sort of an accidental discovery. He was masking off part of a painted piece by making use of tape and like the crisp lines that the tape formed on its own.

Based upon the surface, varying shades of the tape are able to impart even a greater impact.

The advantage of using tape is that it can be peeled without registering any damage to the surface it was used on.

They are not limited to walls only.

His abstract art is quite pleasing and complex as well.

Check out the video below to see him in action!

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