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Guy Creates His Own Airplane Cockpit Simulator At Home Using Google Search

Man creates cockpit in his children's room

Laurent Aigon from Aquitane, France built a fully functional Boeing 737 cockpit in his child’s bedroom by using Google as his primary source for knowledge and parts. The project took Laurent five years to complete, ordering and assembling parts from all over the globe to make his childhood dream a reality.

Aigon had always wanted to become a pilot, but could not do so due to his poor performance in school. His dream and love of aircraft did not perish as the enthusiast inside him was still alive. Teaming up with Jean-Paul Dupuy, Aigon was able to complete his cockpit. The project cost him thousands of dollars, but was well worth the money as it can precisely simulate the maneuvers of the Boeing 737.

Laurent Aigon’s simulator has gained a lot of popularity, both locally and globally. The Aircraft Maintenance company at Bordeaux-Merignac Airport asked him to come and talk about his creation while another maintenance company asked if they could use simulator for future simulations. Aigon shares his simulator with co-pilot Dupuy and also uses it to teach his children. The story of how Aigon chased his dreams and turned them into reality is truly inspiring. He proved that our dreams can come true in different ways, we do not need a title to prove that we have achieved our dreams.

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