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Guy Creates An Awesome Wine Rack At Home Using Wooden Planks

When wife wants something, it becomes the duty of the man to provide her with it. The same was the case for Redditor APayne82 whose wife wanted a massive wine case. He went out and spent $60 and ended up building her a wine case capable of holding 96 bottles of wine. Check out the project below and let us know what you think of it.

The project kicked off with oak boards.

All of the wood was sanded before he started working.

A pocket-hole jig was used for joining the corners of the boards.

This is what the frame looked like after assembly was completed.

The backboard was attached to the frame before the shelves were installed.

Next, he tested one of the diagonal shelves out for fitting.

He had to cut a slot halfway into each board, helping him create a x-shaped shelf for each compartment.

Anti-Stain and polyurethane coating was done next.

Check out the finished product!