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Guy Creates A Sniper Rifle That Can Fire Push Pins

So, it seems that there is a new weapon on the horizon for shooting your push pins in class. The new sniper rifle with this extremely deadly ammo has been built by German miniature weapons maker Patrick Priebe. Whether you are looking for an air rifle or sniper rifle, the watermelons and furry intruders outside better watch out!
DIY sniper rifle firing push pins5

Priebe had to start with something basic which he could gradually improve over time. He got himself a breath-powered gun that is already in use and chose to center his design around it. It shot darts so he had to pick something similar to a dart which meant push pins! The pins are stored in a styrofoam based ammo clip and they have to be loaded into the gun by hand and then put into place with the help of a simple bolt action lever. A blast of air fires the push pin out of the barrel which is powered by a compressed air canister. Each canister can help you fire five tacks and an additional storage barrel lies underneath the main barrel for storing extra canisters.

Although a 1mW laser and a scope has been added to the sniper rifle, they don’t boost accuracy of the gin at all and all it can be used for is to see the movement of the laser dot on the target. To improve the accuracy of targeting, a simple Aluminium bipod can be attached at the end of the barrel.

Here you can see a complete video of the construction of the sniper rifle. It took him less than fifty hours to complete it.

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