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Guy Builds A Massive Terrifying Mouse Trap. Watch What It Can Do

mouse trap

Source: Right Alerts

Mice, oh them scary mice! One of those yucky little ones is all over your house, ruining you kitchen and spoiling your food, run for a mouse trap and set it up. Only the death of that little one may bring you peace unless you are something like Pheobe who’d keep them as pets. If it is a raccoon, destroying your backyard, your peace, and your entire life, a mouse trap is just not enough.

YouTube’s famous “Backyard Scientists” built a gigantic spring-powered mouse trap that will smash nearly everything with the metal arm at a speed of 42 miles an hour.

It is no little toy that you can move with just your hands or even your entire body force unless you want yourself to be squished.  The guy used an electric winch to tighten the coils, which came from the suspension system of a car. Go ahead and see what disaster the huge mouse trap is causing:

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