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Guy Breaks The Record For World’s Fastest Garbage Can

Worlds fastest garbage can record break.

An adrenaline junkie built the fastest garbage can and broke the guinness world record

Andy Jennings is a 28-year-old guy and describes himself as an adrenaline junkie. He happened to break the world record for the fastest garbage bin this Sunday, which in itself authenticates the name he calls himself.

The 28-year old broke the record by hitting 69.2 km/h while the garbage can carried him inside. His newly set record is nearly 21 km/h faster than the previous set record of 48 km/h, respectively. This must have given the guy some adrenaline rush getting into the fastest garbage can on earth.

For building the fastest garbage can, he used a small motorbike’s engine, an ignition that supports and fires it up, a gearbox for shifting the speeds effectively, a bikes steering handle. Lastly, he utilized a seat taken out of a bike as well. It won’t be wrong saying that its a small bike but instead of having a motorcycles frame, Andy used garbage can from his house.

To show the world of how fast his garbage can goes, Andy decided to give it a run on the Tarmac of the Elvington Airfield and, as he expected out of his build, managed to break the previous record easily. Guinness world record for the fastest garbage can in land-speed forms is now set to 69.2 km/h, respectively.

In this fun event that was held on Sunday, some other records were broken as well, including world’s fastest motorized toilet, which marked the new record of 71.7 km/h. Meanwhile, the world’s fastest garden shed went on to mark at a crazy high speed of 170.7 km/h. Balancing these objects at such high speeds, which are usually built to rest in one place, is a task that not everyone can execute.

A 44 years old man, Jason hit the speed of 104.6 km/h in a motorized wheelchair; despite having his body paralyzed by 95 percent, still, he managed to execute this impressively. Other than Andy breaking the previous record in his garbage can, the second one to do so is Jason, which becomes even more fascinating.

Andy built this for two reasons, one was to get the desired adrenaline rush, and the second and more significant reason for him to do so was the death of his friend. Andy believed that by breaking this record, he managed to honor his best friend and that it has been a great day and an outstanding achievement for him overall at the sporting event.

York Press reports, “It was a little hairy on the first attempt, as it was windy on the runway and I got caught in the crosswinds making it pretty bumpy too, and pulling to the left and the right,” said Andy.

It appears that while we all have been going through the pandemic outbreak and deteriorating climate conditions, there is still some fun left for a few. Watching it so gives us hope for the world to become a fun place real soon.