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Guess Your Friend’s Cards With This Clever Math Magic Trick

The magic of Math is often used by the magicians and illusionists to captivate and thrill their audience. The Mathemagician, Colm Mulcahy makes clever use of the Fibonacci sequence which is a series of numbers such that each number is the sum of the preceding two figures. E.g. 1,2,3,5,8,13,21, and so on.



Mulcahy has explained his Little Fib trick in the video below:



All you need is to arrange the deck such that five or six Fibonacci numbers with memorized suits lay on the top. Now, approach your friend and ask them to pick two cards and ask them for the sum of the two cards. Next, shuffle the cards again. Given that the sum of two Fibonacci numbers is unique to only those two specified numbers, the guessing game becomes very easy.



What other card tricks are you familiar with? Let us know in comments.

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