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Watch The Video Of This GoPro Camera As It Gets Melted By Molten Lava

(Source: YouTube)

GoPro is a handy action camera and due to its small size, it can easily fit into small cracks and crevices allowing you to capture footage your regular cameras cannot. These cameras are way more resilient than we give them credit for as Erik Storm, a Hawaii volcano guide experienced first hand.

(Source: Sputnik International)

Erik’s GoPro survived the 1,100+ degrees Fahrenheit lava flow. He placed the tiny camera in a volcano crack to capture what approaching lava flow looks like and forgot about it as he started interacting with tourists. The lava caught up to the camera and did what it does to anything in its path. It consumed it. This caused the camera to burst into flames. However, after the melted mass had cooled down, Erik found the camera still functional and that the SD card still had the footage of the lava encounter.

You can see the footage below:



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