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Google Patents A New Safety System That Glues Colliding Pedestrians To Cars

Google was the first one to start the autonomous car program, and it has been going great at the moment, but the company has so far resisted going into the automotive business. One of the main reasons is a safety concern as autonomous cars will get embroiled in controversy by people who don’t want this technology to prosper and it may die down before it has really taken off. So, Google is committed to making self-driving vehicles as safe as possible, and now it has come up with the adhesive front concept in which pedestrians in front of the car will be glued to the vehicles. As a result, we will be able to avoid more serious injuries that we suffer by bouncing away on impact and crash-landing somewhere else.

The system humorously being called “Gloogle” takes an opposite approach to pedestrian airbags that wanted to save people around the world and ended up hurting them more even if they didn’t get hurt in the impact itself. Having an adhesive layer present on the front and sides of the vehicle means sticky doors and unfit-to-sit fronts, but it also means that people would be safer around cars. Now the adhesive will reportedly come with a coating that will only break upon impact, and then the adhesiveness will be available for use.

But, there are plenty more concerns that will need to be addressed since it is just a patent right now. The main thing is that different body parts react differently to adhesiveness. You won’t want to be stuck at the wrong place especially by your skin, or it will be enough to kill you on its own or disfigure you completely. Also, what if the pedestrian had the option to disengage and save himself and was instead killed because he couldn’t move at all? All of these are genuine and severe concerns, and maybe we won’t get to see the adhesives on cars because of them. But, Google is the most innovative company in the world, and if you can bet anybody on finding a solution to this crisis, it is Google. What are your thoughts about it?