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Google Maps Will Now ‘Vibe Check’ Your Destination’s Neighborhood For You

Google has announced multiple new search features, including security updates.

Google Maps will also get updated soon. If you’re going to a new part of town, a feature called Neighborhood Vibe will help you get a “vibe” of where you’re going by surfacing user reviews as you’re looking through the area. “To determine the vibe of a neighborhood, we combine AI with local knowledge from Google Maps users who add more than 20 million contributions to the map each day,” writes Google in its announcement blog.

This feature will be available in the coming months on both Android and iOS.

Also, now, instead of dragging and panning around a two-dimensional Street View trying to see what’s nearby, you’ll be able to explore photorealistic 3D aerial representations of famous landmarks worldwide.

Google Maps’ immersive view will be launched in selected places, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and London.

Lastly, you’ll soon be able to use Search with Live View. With that, you will be getting walking directions using augmented reality. The feature will roll out first in San Francisco, New York, London, Paris, and Tokyo.

Earlier this year, Google revealed multi-search in Lens that lets you look things up with images and text. Its Search On event will be available in over 70 languages in the next few months. The ability to “multi-search” by the location nearest to you will also start in English in the U.S. toward the end of this year.

Beginning today on iOS, update your Google Search app to see if the new search shortcuts have come to you yet. The shortcuts pop up below the search bar within the iOS Google app. They offer suggestions for how to use Google, like translating text with the camera.

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