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Google Maps Will Now Tell How Busy Your Public Transport Commute Will Be

Google Maps Will Tell How Busy Your Public Transport Commute Will Be

Those who live in busy cities rely on one form or another of public transport for commuting to work and back home on a daily basis. However, commuting can prove to be a tricky task when you are stuck in a swamped public transport. Google Maps has been busy developing a project that will enable commuters to know about their preferred mode of transport and how busy it would be during their commute.

The team at Google Maps has been busy in the collection of lots of data; asking daily commuters to identify how crowded their rides were over the months of traveling that was done by public transport. These commuters were making the commute between six and ten in the morning – also known as classic rush hour times.

Once these commuters completed their trips, they were asked to provide one of the four options; many empty seats, few empty seats, standing room only, or cramped standing room only. Once the collected data became enough, the team at Google was able to predict how busy your morning commute will be – an estimate though. The new feature of Google Maps will be available for iOS and Android systems for 200 cities. The features were launched on 27th June.

For those who are traveling in locations where public transport’s real-time information is not readily available, Google Maps is also going to launch traffic delays information. The idea is to let the commuters know how late the bus is, recalculate the time that it would take for them to reach their destinations, and provide more specific live-traffic conditions during the journey. This feature will allow the commuters to know where exactly the delays are thus enabling them to get off the bus if they want to beforehand and changing their route.

What do you think of this new feature of Google Maps?

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