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Google Is Secretly Recording Everything You Say To It. Here’s How You Can Hear All Your Recordings

Google voice

So, Noble Google with all its ambitions of a free, modern society is not that innocent when it comes to surveillance. It can record the conversations people have on their phones and keep them in recorded form according to startling revelation inside Google Voice itself. The basic feature involves letting people search with their own voice and lets the company improve its language recognition tools and help people expand their search capabilities. But, what people don’t know is that Google is keeping records of all the data and it could be worrying if you look at it at from a surveillance angle. The whole voice history can be accessed by heading to Google’s history page, and there you can browse through a long list of recordings on the audio page. The record is just phenomenally detailed, and you may not like the things you will find there. There is also a separate portion where you can see all your activity on the web as well.

The new portal where you can see all your recorded history was introduced last year as an attempt to make the recorded data public to the Google users and remove any concerns about data collection that we all might have.  There are a lot of private things that you can expect here that shouldn’t be lying anywhere on the internet. So, despite having you past played back to you, it is the level of detail and nothing-held-back attitude that make many of us wonder how much information is actually being collected around us. There is a lot more than the Google Now where you activate the voice search by saying “Ok Google.” It may also contain the recordings from other devices you have used to interact with Google.

You can delete all you want from that list and, Goggle supposedly doesn’t keep any backups of this history, but I guess snooping data from any of these locations is easy for agencies like NSA and CIA when servers are being transferred from one online location to another. So, now you know how much is being recorded about you. It may sound useful to find out the kind of whacky voice search I do all the time or keeping logs, but this is just too much you know. What do you think about it?